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COUNCIL#            COUNCIL NAME:                                      CITY:

00004                     ST CHRISTOPHER                                     EAST HARTFORD

00026                     RIVERSIDE                                                  WINDSOR LOCKS

00050                     WASHINGTON IRVING                            ENFIELD

06281                     SUFFIELD                                                    SUFFIELD

03901                     REV J C MARTIN                                         EAST HARTFORD

05779                     REVEREND E G ROSENBERGER               SOUTH WINDSOR

14600                     REV JOHN B O'CONNELL                         ENFIELD

16858                     UNIVERSITY OF HARTFORD                    WEST HARTFORD

06305                     GHANAIAN CAHOLIC MINISTER            EAST HARTFORD

08011                     SAINT JUSTINS                                           HARTFORD

11010                     HIJO DEL SAGRADO CORAZON              HARTFORD

11405                     CATHEDRAL OF SAINT JOSEPH               HARTFORD

06119                     ST ANNE                                                       WEST HARTFORD

00011                     HARTFORD                                                  HARTFORD

00019                     OUR LADY OF SORROWS                         HARTFORD

14198                     NUESTRA SENORA DE GUADALU           NEW HAVEN